Saturday, February 11, 2012
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About Gay Kenya

Who We Are

Gay Kenya is a human rights, media and religious advocacy group of gay identifying Kenyan male persons.



The vision of Gay Kenya is achievement a Kenya where persons shall not be discriminated on the grounds of their sexual orientation


The mission of Gay Kenya is to advocate for the human rights, social and political well being as well as economic empowerment of its members and gay-identifying Kenyan men.


  • To fight against all forms of legal, social, cultural and economic discrimination and persecution of Kenyans who identify as gay
  • To work for the accomplishment of greater tolerance in society towards the gay community through awareness creation, greater participation in the socio-political arena and bettering the standard of living of gay men
  • To create a united, focused infrastructure that will support the overall well being of gay people in Kenya through innovative and emerging opportunities


  1. Website: Gay Kenya created and runs the premier website for the gay community ( that has links to stories and articles, health and jobs, news and general information and also contributors/columnists
  2. Human rights activism and advocacy for the LGBTI persons in Kenya: We undertake human rights trainings nationally as well as capacity build regional gay communities on human rights.
  3. Media: Gay Kenya is an accredited media organization thus cultivated a strong media presence via radio and TV interviews, shows and live recordings.
    • Publication: We are a publishing house. We have published two books – Understanding Homosexuality in Kenya (2005); My Way, Your Way or the RIGHTS Way (2011). We have a monthly newsletter magazine: Gay Kenya. We also produce IEC materials e.g. brochures, pamphlets.
    • Documentary: We have produced a documentary on being gay in Kenya that details the lives of gay persons in Kenya The objective being to educate the society
  4. Drama and theatre activities - Gay Kenya organizes an annual Queer Film Festival to showcase gay themed movies, films and documentaries.
  5. Social Responsibility - Gay Kenya engages in a monthly social responsibility bringing together members and staff. These include visiting children home, tree planting, clean up exercises, e.t.c.
  6. Library – we have a well stocked library for our members and visitors, which includes journals, magazines, books, audio and visual resource materials
  7. Focus on LGBTI “Ageing Needs.” We are currently working on creating a safe home for our older gay persons


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