Saturday, February 11, 2012
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•    Human Rights
Support for human rights advocacy for and urge the government to freedom of speech and freedom from political, ethnic or religious persecution. Speak out against unlawful imprisonment and torture. Help IDPs and refugees displaced by political upheavals and war. Protest the abuse and exploitation of children. Raise your voice on behalf of gender minority’s equality.

•    Spirituality and Religion
Are you welcome in your mainstream church? Share your beliefs and advocate for religious freedom. Protest the mistreatment of minorities under false religious pretenses. Promote peace and interfaith understanding around the world.

•    Politics
Is your politician working for you? Are the policy makers mouthing off and making incitefull statements about the LGBTIs? Advocate for free and fair elections. Call for better governance and transparency.

•    Health
Do you receive adequate health services? Help change health policy for the better, in your own community and around the world. Promote better health education, support initiatives to improve health care for the LGBTI and other vulnerable groups. Do you know your HIV status? Do you know the ABC’s of prostrate and breast cancer? Is your lifestyle healthy?

•    Corporate Accountability
Keep corporations accountable by promoting corporate ethics, Saucy SEO, social responsibility, sustainable business practices, workplace rights, or fair trade. Protest unfair workplace policies, prevent worker exploitation, advocate for consumer product safety, or publicly thank a responsible business for doing the right thing. You can let a corporation know how you feel about their actions

•    Environment
Support causes of the late heroine, noble Laureate Wangari Maathai to protect our planet. Speak out on behalf of endangered plant and animal species. Promote sustainable energy policy. Demand better funding for climate change research. Ask corporations to do more to prevent pollution. Protest the loss of rainforests biodiversity. Fight to have dangerous environ9mental toxins banned. Ask you neighbour to dispose off waste in the right manner and recycle, recycle, recycle!

•    Media, Arts, Culture
Is the media bias on a particular issue that just irks you? Express your support for hardworking journalists who ask serious questions. Are you an artist and you have no room to display your work? Advocate. Ask museums and cultural institutions to support your work. Make your voice heard today.

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